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5th of June 2020
SKA Shared Sky Exhibition
Shared Sky brings together Aboriginal Australian and South African artists in a collaborative exhibition. The exhibition embodies the spirit of the international science and engineering collaboration that is the SKA project itself, bringing together many nations around two sites in Australia and South Africa to study the same sky. Shared Sky connects indigenous artists working in remote communities from either side of the Indian Ocean that have ancient cultural connections to the two sites where the SKA will be located. Shared Sky reflects the SKA’s One Sky concept – that no borders exist in the sky and that the night sky is an increasingly scarce natural resource that belongs to and is shared by all humanity. Last week was National Reconciliation Week in Australia, with the theme this year of "In this together". National Reconciliation Week (NRW) grew from events in 1993 (the International Year of the World's Indigenous Peoples), with the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation launching Australia’s first NRW in 1996. The image above is an acrylic on linen painting by Wajarri artist Kyle Pickett, who describes it as being when the Yallabirri (emu) appears in the sky in preparation for the laying of eggs. (Text credit: SKAO. Image © Kyle Pickett, used with persmission)

As Monday June 8th is a Public Holiday, the next ADAP will appear on Tuesday June 9th.

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