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6th of April 2020
Breakthough Listen Observations of 1327 Nearby Stars
by Price et al.
Breakthrough Listen (BL) is a ten-year initiative to search for signatures of technologically capable life beyond Earth via radio and optical observations of the local Universe. A core part of the BL program is a comprehensive survey of 1702 nearby stars at radio wavelengths (1–10 GHz). Price et al. have recently we reported on observations with the 64m Parkes radio telescope, and the 100-m Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia, USA. Between 2016 January and 2019 March, a sample of 1138 stars was observed at Green Bank using the 1.10–1.90 GHz and 1.80–2.80 GHz receivers, and 189 stars were observed with Parkes over 2.60–3.45 GHz. These data were searched for the presence of signals suggestive of extra-terrestrial civilisations. After excluding events with characteristics consistent with terrestrial radio interference, we are left with zero candidates. These observations constitute the most comprehensive search over 1.10–3.45 GHz for technosignatures to date. The figure above shows the distribution of observed sources in equatorial coordinates. Sources observed with Green Bank at both L-band (a wavelength of 20cm) and S-band (10cm) are plotted in purple; sources only observed at L-band are plotted with red crosses; sources only observed at S-band are plotted with yellow squares; and sources observed with Parkes at 10cm are plotted with aqua diamonds. More details are given in the paper, published in the Astronomical Journal.

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