A T N F    D a i l y    A s t r o n o m y    P i c t u r e

6th of August 2020
David Malin Awards
The NSW Central West Astronomical Society held its annual astrophotography competition last month. Amateur astro-photographers from around Australia submitted entries for consideration in the prestigious David Malin Awards. The winner of a special themed section "Astrophotography with your Smartphone" was Alex Cherney, well known to CASS for his images of the ATCA and ASKAP. The citation for his entry, Smartphone Galactic, reads "Not so long ago the idea of taking a photograph of anything with a phone was considered madness. Here we see an image of the Milky Way with pin-sharp stars and delicate colours that would have demanded a professional-grade camera and expensive lenses less a decade ago. It was made with a smartphone, powerful proof of the advance of technology -- and inspiration." (Image credit: 2020 CWAS David Malin Awards and Alex Cherney)

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