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6th of March 2020
VAST Pilot Survey Observations Completed
by Emil Lenc
The ASKAP Survey for Variables and Slow Transients (VAST) has recently completed 100 hours of observations as part of an ASKAP pilot survey spanning a period of just over five months. In total, over 700 12-minute observations were made of 113 targeted fields, each approximately 30-square degrees in extent and achieving a sensitivity of 250 uJy/beam and a resolution of about 15 arcsec. The pilot survey will allow the survey team to test search algorithms and explore various different techniques to find transient sources in this rich data set. One radio galaxy that was frequently observed during the pilot survey was Pictor A - it was observed a total of nine times. Inspired by the "Pop Art" of Andy Warhol, an image of each observation of Pictor A is shown above using a different colour palette.

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