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9th of December 2020
FRB-like bursts from a magnetar
by Israel et al.
Israel et al. report on simultaneous radio and X-ray observations of the radio-emitting magnetar 1E 1547.0– 5408 made with the 64-m Parkes radio telescope and the Chandra and XMM-Newton X-ray observatories. The magnetar was observed in a period of intense X-ray bursting activity and enhanced X-ray emission, and Israel et al. report the detection of two radio bursts from 1E 1547.0–5408 reminiscent of Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs). One of the radio bursts was anticipated by ∼1 s (about half a rotation period of the pulsar) by a bright SGR-like X-ray burst. Radio pulsations were not detected during the observation showing the FRB-like radio bursts, while they were detected in the previous radio observation. The figure above shows X-ray and radio simultaneous observations of 1E 1547.0–5408 performed around the time of the brightest X-ray burst and the two radio pulses (pulse A and B). The blue line is the X-ray burst lightcurve, while the grey line is the X-ray folded light curve, with a period of 2.07 seconds, from XMM-Newton data. The simultaneous Parkes radio light curve is shown in red. The grey shaded areas are the phase intervals of the expected peak of the radio pulse profiles extrapolated from previous Parkes observations. Note that the flat top of the first radio peak, and the drop of the intensity of the radio signal below the average noise level following both pulses, are artifacts caused by the saturation of the backend. The two radio bursts are neither aligned with the expected radio pulsations nor with the peak of the X-ray pulse profile. Comparing the luminosity of these FRB-like bursts and those reported from SGR 1935+2154, Israel et al. find that the wide range in radio efficiency and/or luminosity of magnetar bursts in the Galaxy may bridge the gap between “ordinary” pulsar radio bursts and the extragalactic FRB phenomenon.

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