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17th of February 2020
Welcome Ivy Wong
Ivy Wong joined CASS, Kensington at the end of January as a CSIRO science leader working on the massive data challenges in the SKA era. Ivy is primarily a radio astronomer (working with large all-sky surveys of atomic Hydrogen and radio continuum), and is also an expert in observations using space-based telescopes in the ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths, as well as ground-based optical imaging and spectroscopy. The open science questions that she currently studies are: how galaxies get gas to form stars; how galaxies regulate and retire from star formation; how central supermassive black holes grow (AGN); and what is the impact of AGN versus the impact of a galaxy’s environment in shaping the star formation history and evolution of a galaxy. In preparation for the upcoming start of the ASKAP surveys such as WALLABY and EMU, Ivy’s current research interests include the development of alternative techniques such as citizen science (Radio Galaxy Zoo) and applications of machine learning algorithms towards radio astronomy problems. Ivy obtained her PhD in Astrophysics from the University of Melbourne in 2008 when she was also an ATNF co-supervised PhD student working on HIPASS. The image above shows her early evolutionary stages from being an ATNF co-supervised student conducting follow-up observations at Parkes to a duty astronomer postdoc at the ATCA. After her PhD, she worked at Yale University (USA), CASS (Marsfield) and ICRAR/UWA, before moving back to CASS (Kensington).

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