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19th of May 2020
ASKAP Pilot Survey Data in CASDA
The ASKAP Update for May is now available, and includes news on the release of Pilot Survey data into CASDA (the CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive). The public release of data from WALLABY’s observations of the Hydra cluster marks the first release of full-volume spectral line pilot data. Although some artefacts remain in the continuum-subtracted data cubes and further processing improvements will be made, a large section of the Hydra field has been successfully analysed by the WALLABY team using the spectral line source finding software SoFiA. The Hydra observations detected roughly 150 galaxies in a region where only 8 were previously known!

Images from the VAST continuum pilot survey are also starting to appear in CASDA. The image above shows the sky coverage and an example image from the VAST pilot survey data. VAST uses short, 12-minute observations to survey large areas, looking for sources that have changed. (Image credit: Emil Lenc)

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