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20th of March 2020
ASKAP Update for March (featuring WALLABY Hydra Cluster observations)
The ASKAP Update for March is now available. In addition to news on Pilot Survey observations, ASKAP System Development, and Digital System testing, the above image from the WALLABY Pilot Survey observations of the Hydra Cluster is presented. The image shows the moment-0 map produced by SoFiA 2, the WALLABY source finding pipeline, after source finding on the entire Hydra pilot survey field within the velocity range of cz ~ 500 to 7500 km/s. A few artefacts caused by some bad data in a few beams were removed by hand to improve the image and highlight the many galaxies that are detected in this field.

The mosaic was constructed from two adjacent ASKAP tiles each of which combines two interleaved footprints for better noise uniformity, with an overall integration time of 4 × 8 h = 32 h. It appears possible to achieve the nominal WALLABY sensitivity of 1.6 mJy in the central region of each tile, which is excellent news and means that WALLABY will be able to achieve its original science goals. The most prominent concentration of galaxies in the left half of the field is the Hydra cluster itself. The inset shows a zoom of one of the many spatially resolved galaxies in the field. (Image and text credit: Tobias Westmeier)

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