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25th of November 2020
The Spectral Energy Distribution of NGC 5044
by Schellenberger et al.
Schellenberger et al. have constructed the radio/sub-mm spectral energy distribution (SED) of the galaxy NGC 5044 over more than three orders of magnitude, drawing on archival ATCA data amongst other sources. They interpret the low frequency emission, with the peak around 1 GHz, as emission from the jets/lobes that are still powered by the central AGN, to which they fit a Continous Injection Model and an optically thick self absorption component at the lower frequencies. The high frequency component comes from the core of the galaxy, so it is likely to be emission from the AGN itself powered by the accretion of matter around the central supermassive black hole. This emission is modeled by an Advection Dominated Accretion Flow, consisting of a rising part from synchrotron cooling, and a falling part in the sub-mm regime from Compton cooling processes. In the image above the green and orange data-points illustrate the flux from the jets and core, respectively. The dotted green line corresponds to a CI model with self absorption at the low frequency end. The dashed orange line is emission from advection dominated accretion. The paper will be published in the Astrophysical Journal.

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