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26th of October 2020
Parkes 59th Anniversary
Saturday, October 31st markes the 59th anniversary of the opening of the Parkes 210-foot radio-telescope. The telescope was opened by the Governor-General, Viscount De L'Isle. William Sidney, the 1st Viscount De L'Isle, was the 15th Governor-General of Australia (and the last non-Australian to hold the position). He served as Governor-General for just under four years, but as he took up the position on the 3rd of August, 1961, opening the Parkes telescope was one of his early duties. The image above is a 1960s photo of the Parkes 64m telescope (as it is known now) and the 60-foot Kennedy dish, which was moved to Parkes from the Fleurs field station in 1963. (Image credit: CSIRO Radio Astronomy Image Archive)

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