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3rd of June 2021
An HST View of Fast Radio Burst Host Environments
by Mannings et al.
Mannings et al. present Hubble Space Telescope ultraviolet and infrared observations of eight fast radio burst (FRB) host galaxies with sub-arcsecond localizations, including the hosts of three known repeating FRBs. They find that FRBs occur at moderate offsets from the galaxy core and occur on fainter regions of their hosts in terms of IR light. The FRBs do not clearly trace the distributions of any other transient population with known progenitors, such as long or short gamma-ray bursts and supernovae. They find that five of the 8 FRB hosts exhibit clear spiral arm features in IR light, and that the positions of all well-localized FRBs located in such hosts are consistent with their spiral arms, although not on their brightest regions. The results do not strongly support models proposed which have the primary progenitor channel of FRBs being connected either with the most massive stars, or with neutron star mergers. The image above shows HST imaging of the host galaxy of FRB 190608, a fast radio burst discovered and localised with ASKAP. The black ellipse in each image denotes the FRB position. The results will be published in the Astrophysical Journal.

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