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8th of June 2021
First ASKAP observations of the Galactic Plane
by Umana et al.
Umana et al. have reported the first radio observations toward the Galactic Plane using ASKAP. The region mapped includes the entire area of the Stellar Continuum Originating from Radio Physics In Ourgalaxy (SCORPIO) survey, one of the exploration projects of the EMU (Evolutionary Map of the Universe) Survey Science Program. The team detected more than 3600 compact radio sources in the SCORPIO field, many of which are unclassified, as well as detecting all the previous sources classified as HII regions or planetary nebulae. ASKAP's sensitivity makes it possible to reveal many sources once referred to as radio-quiet and discover numerous extended, unclassified sources belonging to the class of "galactic bubbles" constituting a new sample for identifying supernova remnants.

The composite image above shows a portion of the SCORPIO field. The colour code is: Green, from Spitzer/Glimpse, Red, from Herschel/Hi-GAL, and Blue from ASKAP. The 8 μm (Spitzer) and 70 μm (Herschel) emissions are tracers of the dust, while the radio emission traces of the ionized gas. Both dust and ionized emission are largely spatially coincident in star-forming regions, while there is very little correlation in the case of Supernova Remanants, which stand out due to their radio emission. (Image credits: G. Umana/INAF)

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