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8th of November 2021
Welcome Marcus Lower
We welcome Marcus Lower, who has joined CSIRO Space and Astronomy as a Research Plus Postdoc in Marsfield. Marcus recently submitted his PhD on “Exploring the magnetospheric and rotational properties of radio pulsars” as a CSIRO Space and Astronomy co-supervised student at Swinburne University of Technology. His thesis focussed on a variety of behaviour seen in different kinds of pulsars. This included characterising rotational irregularities detected in young pulsars, mapping the magnetic-field geometry of a radio-loud magnetar and investigating the eclipses seen in a unique “double pulsar” named PSR J0737-3039A/B. In his new role at CSIRO, Marcus will be analysing the rotational and spectral properties of over 200 young pulsars that are monitored by the Parkes radio telescope (also known as “Murriyang”) in order to improve our understanding of the pulsar emission mechanism and how these objects may evolve over long timescales. Marcus is pictured above with the Australia Telescope Compact Array during a 2019 visit to the Paul Wild Observatory in NSW.

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