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15th of July 2021
The ASA's Anne Green Prize
The Astronomical Society of Australia (ASA) awards a number of prizes each year. This year, the Anne Green Prize, recognising a significant advance or accomplishment by a mid-career scientist, was awarded to Keith Bannister, for "pioneering work on Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), impact in terms of success of ASKAP and successful implementation of the FRB search mode, and for opening a key new area having impact in high energy physics, galaxy evolution, the inter-galactic medium and cosmology." The Annual Scientific Meeting of the ASA is being held this week, and all prize winners were given the opportunity to describe their work. Keith gave an entertaining review of the work done with ASKAP on FRBs, paying tribute to all his collaborators, especially his co-PIs on the CRAFT project, Ryan Shannon and the late J.-P. Macquart.

The prize was established to honour the extensive contributions of Professor Anne Green to astronomy throughout her successful career. Professor Green was the first female PhD student to be enrolled in the School of Physics at the University of Sydney and went on to build a prolific career focussed on the ecology and structure of the Milky Way Galaxy. Professor Green was the Director of the Molonglo Observatory for more than a decade and was the first female Head of Physics at the University of Sydney. She was also President of the ASA from 2003 to 2005 and served on Council for six years. Amongst all her scientific achievements, Professor Green has also been a passionate advocate and inspiring example for Women in Science.

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