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19th of November 2021
VLBI in the SKA Era
Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) is essential to enable high-impact radio astronomy science capability, including radio imaging at sub-arcsecond resolution, crucial astrometric measurements, and geodesy. Each of the two telescopes within the Square Kilometre Array (SKA1-LOW and SKA1-MID) is by itself relatively compact, but will collectively form the cores of a powerful new VLBI network that will be developed by leveraging existing engineering, networking, computational and scientific VLBI expertise.

A meeting on VLBI in the SKA Era will be held virtually from 14-18 February 2022. Topics will include: Historical context, lessons learned from the establishment of new VLBI networks; Overviews of SKA1-LOW and SKA1-MID and their planned VLBI capability; Status of major existing VLBI networks performing as pathfinders to SKA-era VLBI; New technology innovations relevant to SKA-era VLBI (e.g. beam forming, backends, timing and data transport); Challenges and emerging solutions for calibration and imaging; Data transport and management, and addressing the Big Data challenge; Innovative astrophysical science goals for new and future VLBI networks, on the pathway toward SKA VLBI Key Science Projects; and Non-astronomy applications for VLBI networks before and into the SKA era.

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