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21st of May 2021
STEM Professionals in Schools
This week is National Volunteer Week and a new CSIRO blog article describes the work that CSIRO postdoc Chenoa Tremblay is doing as part of the STEM Professionals in Schools program. The program individually matches teachers and STEM professionals, and they work together to increase teachers’ and students’ STEM skills, knowledge, and confidence through a range of activities.  Chenoa has partnerships with a primary school and a high school, and has explored all manner of STEM subjects with the students. “Volunteering also gives me an opportunity to explore topics I might not have thought to explore on my own," Chenoa notes. "For example, I hadn’t considered studying how a butterfly flies until the students asked to talk about zoology. Science is about challenging our understanding of the world, galaxy and universe around us. It is a way of thinking that takes very large questions or problems and breaks them up into smaller pieces that we can solve before relating that back to the larger questions. With this approach there’s no reason why even young students can’t be involved in solving very big questions, and part of my purpose in volunteering is showing them that,” she said.

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