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22nd of February 2021
ASKAP Update for February
The ASKAP Update for February is now available, and includes the latest plans for technical test observations and progress towards some of the key development goals required for Pilot Surveys Phase II. The image above shows the status of observations for the second pass of the Rapid ASKAP Continuum Survey (RACS), this time in the mid-frequency band, 1152 to 1440 MHz. The survey is 96% complete, with tiles surrounding the position of the Sun over the last few weeks and tiles at a similar hour angle to the calibration source all that remain unobserved. Data processing will begin after the next release of ASKAPsoft, which contains several optimisations that should address rate limiting steps from the first processing run. The mid-band survey needed about 50% more tiles to cover the same area of sky as the low-band survey, due to the reduced size of the beam footprint. (Image credit: Vanessa Moss)

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