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22nd of October 2021
Welcome Laura Driessen
We recently welcomed Laura Driessen to CSIRO Space and Astronomy. Laura was awarded her PhD in "Radio Transients with MeerKAT" from the University of Manchester, and before that completed her Master's in Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Amsterdam where she worked on LOFAR images of the Galactic plane to investigate pulsar wind nebulae and supernova remnants. For her PhD Laura worked on untargeted, commensal searches for radio variable sources and stellar radio sources with MeerKAT as part of the ThunderKAT, MeerTRAP and MeerLICHT teams. Her postdoctoral research at the CSIRO will focus on finding and investigating stellar radio sources with ASKAP, particularly using circular polarisation searches. Laura is a die-hard Melbourne Demons fan and cheersquad member, and was lucky enough to sit in the front row behind the goals at the 2021 Grand Final. She reserves the right to never stop talking about how amazing that was and how proud she is to be a Demons fan (especially since it's been a tough life as a Demons supporter until now)!

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