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27th of July 2021
WALLABY observations of the Hydra Cluster
by Jing Wang
Wang et al. have recently published a study using ASKAP HI image data from the WALLABY pilot survey, covering the Hydra cluster. They identify that nearly two thirds of the galaxies may be in the early stages of ram pressure stripping from their motions in the cluster. A more detailed look at the subset of galaxies that are spatially resolved in the WALLABY observations shows that, while it typically takes less than 200 Myr for ram pressure stripping to remove the currently strippable portion of Hi, it may take more than 600 Myr to significantly change the total Hi mass. The results provide new clues to understanding the different rates of Hi depletion and star formation quenching in cluster galaxies.

The image above shows the WALLABY detected galaxies in the Hydra cluster. The Hi column density images are shown in different slices of velocity offset from the cluster center (∆vrad) around the X-ray halo of Hydra (grey scale). The column density images are enlarged by a factor of 5 for clarity. The paper has been published in The Astrophysical Journal.

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