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1st of April 2022
Deep ASKAP EMU Survey of the GAMA23 field
by Gürkan et al.
Gürkan et al. present ASKAP observations of the Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA) 23h field. The survey was carried out at 887.5 MHz and covers a ∼83 square degree field. The final mosaic has an angular resolution of 10 arcsec and a central rms noise of around 38 micro-Jy per beam. The derived radio source catalogue has 39812 entries and includes the discovery of 63 new giant radio galaxies, The giant radio qalaxy in yesterday's ADAP, displayed clear gaps between the host galaxy core and the radio jets, suggesting that the activity which had caused the jets to be ejected had ceased some time ago. In contrast, the giant radio galaxy pictured above displays connected radio emission along the jet axis, implying ongoing activity in the galaxy core to keep powering the jet. The background image is from KiDS (the Kilo-Degree Survey). The salmon colour density maps show the ASKAP data, and the cyan cross marks the host galaxy position.

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