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1st of June 2022
Naomi McClure-Griffiths elected to Australian Academy of Science
Each year the Australian Academy of Science elects up to 24 new Fellows. Incoming President of the AAS, Professor Chennupati Jagadish noted, "Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science are among the nation’s most distinguished scientists, elected by their peers for ground-breaking research and contributions that have had clear impact." One of the new fellows elected this year is long-time ATNF telescope user and former Bolton Fellow, Naomi McClure-Griffiths. Naomi's citation reads: "Naomi McClure-Griffiths is Australia's pre-eminent expert on the atomic hydrogen gas distribution and evolution in our galaxy, the Milky Way, and its neighbours, the Magellanic Clouds. She has made seminal contributions to our understanding of atomic gas and magnetism within these galaxies through leadership of high-fidelity observational surveys undertaken with Australia's radio telescope facilities. Her work includes the discovery of a new spiral arm within the Milky Way, the first detection of neutral gas out-flowing from the nucleus of the Milky Way, and the pioneering demonstration of the importance of magnetic fields in the flow of matter into the Galactic disk." (Image credit: Australian Academy of Science)

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