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5th of May 2022
ASKAP Update
April's ASKAP update described the outcomes of the Review of ASKAP Survey Science Proposals, discussed plans for consolidation work, provided a progress report on Pilot Surveys Phase II and gave an update on RACS, the Rapid ASKAP Continuum Survey. While awaiting validation of the final Pilot Survey Phase II quality gates, a second pass of RACS-low has been commenced. The released low-band RACS data were observed quite differently to the other two bands, before autonomous scheduling and other system improvements were in place. Data from the other bands therefore has more uniform sensitivity across the sky. A second pass will therefore improve the global sky model that will be created from all three bands. The image above shows evidence of the heavy rain experienced at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory in early April, resulting in road and runway closures. Operations continued as normal via remote control. (Image credit: Kurt Warhurst)

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