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8th of August 2022
The IAU General Assembly
The International Astronomical Union (IAU) holds a General Assembly, usually every three years, however COVID resulted in the 2021 IAU GA being postponed to this year. The meeting is currently underway in Busan, South Korea, and as usual features Prize Lectures, Invited Discourses, Symposia and Symposium Plenary Lectures, Focus Meetings, and Division Meetings, as well as Public Outreach events. One of the Symposia this year is "The Dawn of Cosmology and Multi-Messenger Studies with Fast Radio Bursts". One of the Plenary Lectures for the Symposium was given by Vicki Kaspi, who is pictured above describing the Lorimer burst -- the first Fast Radio Burst, discovered by Duncan Lorimer in data from the Parkes 64m telescope, Murriyang.

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