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10th of January 2022
An ASKAP search for the radio counterpart of GW190814
by Dobie et al.
Dobie et al. present results from a search for the radio counterpart to the possible neutron star–black hole merger GW190814 with ASKAP. They carried out 10 epochs of observation spanning 2–655 days post-merger at a frequency of 944 MHz. Each observation covered 30 square degrees, equivalent to 87% of the event localisation. They conducted an untargeted search for radio transients in the field, as well as a targeted search for transients associated with known galaxies. The figure above shows the light curve of a variable source in the ASKAP field of view. ASKAP J004545.5−265643 is outside of the 99% credible interval for the localisation of GW190814 and so was ruled out as a counterpart. The source has a likely counterpart in the VLASS (Very Large Array Sky Survey) with flux density ∼500 micro-janksy suggesting that it was brighter prior to these observations and is therefore not a one-off transient but rather a variable presistent radio source. The paper will be published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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