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14th of December 2022
New ASKAP Supernova Remnant Candidates in the Large Magellanic Cloud
by Bozzetto et al.
Bozzetto et al. present a new ASKAP sample of 14 radio supernova remnants (SNR) candidates in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). This new sample is a significant increase to the known number of older, larger, and low surface brightness LMC SNRs. A multi-frequency study was made for each object and possible traces of optical and occasionally X-ray emission found in several of the candidates. They also investigate a sample of 20 previously suggested LMC SNR candidates and confirm the SNR nature of one of these. Lower surface brightness SNR candidates were detected which were likely formed by a combination of shock waves and strong stellar winds from massive progenitors (possibly OB stars). Some of the new SNR candidates are found in lower density environments in which type Ia supernovae may have exploded inside a previously excavated cavity in the interstellar medium. The figure above shows the 14 new SNR candidate positions in the LMC marked in blue crosses while the 71 green circles represent known SNRs and the 20 red rectangles are previously reported SNR candidates. The background image is from the ASKAP survey of the LMC and the scale bar on the right hand side shows the surface brightness intensity scale in Jy/beam.

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