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14th of January 2022
First ASKAP SWAG-X data release
The first data release for the Survey With ASKAP of GAMA-09 + X-ray (SWAG-X) is now available on the CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive (CASDA). This data release comprises the first half of the full survey data, taken at 888 MHz and 1296 MHz with the ASKAP radio telescope. SWAG-X was initiated as a complementary ASKAP survey to the eROSITA X-ray and the GAMA-09 spectroscopic observations at the Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) to contribute to studies of cosmology, galaxy formation and evolution.

Enabled by the collaboration agreement which was signed between eROSITA_DE and AAL on behalf of Australian astronomers, the SWAG-X survey has been devised to provide radio data covering the eROSITA performance verification field for the eROSITA Final Equatorial-Depth Survey (eFEDS) to provide a useful resource of science data, in combination with the extensive multiwavelength database compiled by the GAMA (Galaxy and Mass Assembly) team. The full SWAG-X sensitivity will be achieved after 16 hr integration at 888 MHz and 1296 MHz at full spectral resolution, covering the same region as eFEDS (which is an extended area around the GAMA-09 field marked in the image). In this first release, there are 12 ASKAP fields available that include 6 tiles of 8 hr integration in each band. Released continuum and spectral data can be accessed via CASDA searching under the project code “AS112”. Additional data products including continuum mosaics of the SWAG-X regions and full field catalogues are being completed and will also be available via CASDA. The second-final release of the SWAG-X survey data is expected later this year.

The image above shows the distribution of the 357 cluster candidates in the eFEDS X-ray point source catalog. The colour code represents the redshift of the cluster, and the radius of the circle corresponds to the size of each cluster. The SWAG-X data will contribute to multi-wavelength studies of these candidates, amongst other science. (From Bulbul et al. preprint)

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