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18th of January 2022
ASKAP Update for January
The ASKAP Update for January describes plans for the ASKAP Science Forum in 2022, the status of Pilot Surveys Phase II, commencement of RACS (Rapid ASKAP Continuum Survey) high-band observations and plans for the Review of ASKAP Survey Science Projects. RACS-high, following low-band and mid-band all-sky surveys, consists of 1493 fields, which are the same footprint and positions observed in the mid-band survey. This is roughly 50% more than the number of fields observed in RACS-low. Using the same integration time as both other bands (15 minutes per field), observations need about three weeks of continuous observing. Processing of RACS-mid is still underway, but a few select fields from RACS-high have also been imaged to check data quality. The results are very encouraging and demonstrate the improved resolution available in ASKAP’s highest frequency band. The image above is a comparison of a small region observed in two RACS bands and NVSS, showing the improvement in resolution with RACS. (Image credit: Emil Lenc)

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