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21st of February 2022
Welcome Franco Di Dio
Franco Di Dio recently joined the Parkes Observatory as Site Leader and Senior Engineer. By way of self-introduction, Franco says, "As a young boy, I was mad about anything space-related. I even dreamed of being an astronaut or working for NASA. While Australia didn't have a space program, I decided to do a practical degree in Electronic Engineering from Curtin University. Later my space interest led me to complete a Master of Science in Astronomy from Swinburne University. My work experience has covered IT and engineering in various industries like print media, local government, broadcast, film TV and Radio, education. My last role was at Western Sydney University as a Campus Support Manager (Schools), where my team was officially called the "SSTaRS Team" (Schools Specialist Teaching and Research Support ). When I have time spare, I do photography, which I am okay at, drawing, which I don't practice enough to do well, astronomy, in which I will finally have a clear sky to view compared to smoggy Sydney, and gardening, I will finally be able to set up my Permaculture garden in our new house in Parkes."

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