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21st of October 2022
ASKAP's view of an exceptionally bright Gamma-ray burst
by Emil Lenc (CSIRO), James Leung (USyd), and Tara Murphy (USyd)
An exceptionally bright Gamma-ray Burst (GRB 221009A) was caught by the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope (left image in animation). While Fermi can see a particularly large field of view it isn't able to precisely locate detections accurately (typically within a few arcminutes to a few degrees depending on the energy of the detection). So telescopes at other wavelengths are employed to not only localise events and also obtain further clues as to their origin. Recently, we used CSIRO's ASKAP radio telescope, which also has an excellent field of view but with much greater resolution, to localise the source and monitor its evolution over time. The image on the right shows the ASKAP field of view in comparison to Fermi and the inset image shows the detail seen within that field and the detection of the GRB in radio. The detection was reported in GCN 32736.

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