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25th of May 2022
ATNF Colloquium
Discovery of radio emission from the centre of our galaxy and the EHT image of Sgr A*
Ron Ekers (CSIRO)
Abstract: The discovery of radio emission from the centre of our galaxy leading up to the EHT image of the SgrA* black hole is a story of discovery, controversy, serendipity, black holes, Nobel prizes, mysterious patterns around the galactic centre and now the EHT black hole image magic. The initial discovery of the radio source Sagittarius A and its association with the centre of the Milky Way is a fascinating story, involving CSIRO-RPL personnel and prominent US and Dutch astronomers. But by “discovery” I do not mean a single event. Contrary to the conventions in science that award prizes, professional respect and makes press releases, discovery is a lengthy process involving many actors, many different kinds of contributions, and many events over a period of time -- 70 years in the case of the galactic centre! I will conclude with a summary of the EHT result and my views on this very difficult analysis.

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