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27th of June 2022
Welcome Anita Petzler
Anita Petzler has joined CSIRO as a Research Plus Postdoc to work on the spectral-line commissioning of the cryogenically cooled phased array feed (CryoPAF) receiver on the 64m Murriyang Radio Telescope at Parkes. Her work will also include research into the local environments of high-mass star formation regions within the Milky Way through observations of hydroxyl masers using the new Ultra-Wideband receiver and eventually the CryoPAF. Anita completed her PhD at Macquarie University under the supervision of Dr Joanne Dawson and Prof Mark Wardle. Her thesis examined the utility of the four ground-rotational state transitions of the hydroxyl molecule in tracing the environment of the diffuse molecular interstellar medium. Her work has received numerous awards, including the Australian Institute of Physics Award for Postgraduate Excellence in November 2018, and the Highly Commended Higher Degree Research Student Award in the Macquarie University Faculty of Science and Engineering Excellence Awards in December 2020. The image above shows Anita with her son in front of a giant sequoia tree in Sequoia National Park in California, USA. Anita is originally from California (San Diego) and loves taking her son to see all the amazing places she got to visit as a child.

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