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28th of February 2022
ASKAP joins forces with Parkes to observe historic occultation event
by Emil Lenc and Vanessa Moss
During the recent repeat observation of the historic lunar occultation of the radio source 3C273 with the Parkes radio telescope, ASKAP also observed the "emersion" event. We couldn't observe the immersion because the Moon/3C273 rose later in the Murchison compared to at Parkes. The movie above is a combination of 720 ten-second snapshots taken with ASKAP over the course of the event. The radio source 3C273 is about 1000 times brighter than the Moon and many of the other weaker objects seen in this part of the sky. This difference in brightness and the complex structure of the moon poses many challenges in imaging the event. Nonetheless, ASKAP provided a nice complementary view of the occultation, and showed another fainter radio source that was also occulted around the same time (MRC 1226+022). Note the unusual glow at the centre of the lunar disc -- this is radio frequency interference from the Earth being reflected back towards us!

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