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30th of September 2022
Wildflowers in WA
Western Australia is home to over 12,000 species of wildflowers -- almost two-thirds of which are unique to the state. Each year the Wildflower Season starts in the north of the state around June/July, moving proressively south over August and September. The Midwest of the state, where the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory is located, is known for carpets of Everlastings and the stunning Wreath Flowers. Everlastings only have about a 4 week bloom, with the season dependent on rainfall and temperature variations. The CSIRO team that recently visited the Pia Wadjarri school were lucky enough to have their trip coincide with wildflower season in the midwest, as the picture above demonstrates. (Image credit: Andrew Zic)

As Monday October 3rd is a public holiday in NSW, the next ADAP will appear on Tuesday October 4th.

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