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1st of May 2023
Parkes Pulsar Data Published in CSIRO's Data Access Portal for 2022OCTS
by Lawrence Toomey
CSIRO's Data Access Portal (https://data.csiro.au/) contains the most comprehensive archive of pulsar data globally, with over 4 Petabytes from the Parkes radio telescope, Murriyang, available for download. The DAP is VO compatible and can be queried using Virtual Observatory tools such as TOPCAT. This TOPCAT image is a Hammer-Aitoff projection in Galactic coordinates of the published observations from the MEDUSA Parkes pulsar backends for the 2022OCT semester (the period October 1st 2022 to March 31st 2023). Approximately 2-3TB of new pulsar data are added to the archive each day. Access to new data is restricted to project teams during the statutory 18-month embargo period, thereafter the data become public.

* Compared to last semester (2022APRS)

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