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3rd of October 2023
CSIRO's new Chief Executive
CSIRO's new Chief Executive, Doug Hilton started in his new role last week, and he has already squeezed in a visit to Parkes! There is a long-standing tradition of photographing visitors as they emerge through the access hatch on to the surface of the 64m Dish, Murriyang, and Doug was happy to oblige with another addition to that gallery. Doug is a molecular and cellular biologist and until recently was the Director of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. Commenting on his appointment, Professor Hilton said: "CSIRO is a unique national treasure, there to deliver science for the benefit of the community. The intent of CSIRO and my personal values are completely aligned, and I am looking forward to leading CSIRO as we work to solve our nation's greatest challenges." (Image credit: John Sarkissian)

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