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6th of February 2023
Welcome Xiu Liu
We welcome Xiu Liu, who has joined CSIRO Space and Astronomy as a CERC Postdoctoral Fellow at Kensington. In her role, Xiu will apply state-of-the-art machine/deep learning in searching ASKAP data cubes for HI detections. She will develop a prototype ML-based source finder that is comparable to the current non-ML based source finder, FLASHfinder. Xiu received her PhD in Chemical Engineering from Curtin University in December 2020, and her thesis was about Monte Carlo simulation of gas adsorption in nanoporous carbon materials. Before joining CSIRO, Xiu worked as a postdoctoral researcher for 1.5 years at Curtin University, focusing on the application of machine/deep learning in the wider resources and energy sector. Xiu’s photo above was taken in her favourite corner at home together with four-month-old Yuki, her recently raised first-ever kitten.

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