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17th of April 2023
Welcome Jayender Kumar
Jayender Kumar recently joined CSIRO Space and Astronomy, taking up a Postdoctoral Fellowship to work on the GASKAP-OH Project. Jay completed a PhD in VLBI Spectral Line Astrometry at the University of Tasmania earlier this year. The aim of his PhD project was to map the scale and structure of the Milky Way and its spiral arms in the 3rd and 4th Galactic quadrant from the Southern hemisphere using the VLBI spectral line astrometry. During his research work, he has measured trigonometric parallaxes and proper motions to class II 6.7 GHz methanol masers and 22 GHz water masers, which are associated with High Mass Star Forming Regions (HMSFRs) within the 4 kpc region of the Galactic centre. Using these measurements, he developed a model for the long bar of the Milky Way. He is also interested in flaring phenomenon in astronomical masers, specially 6.7 GHz class II methanol masers, and has also studied the internal motions of different maser features in their parent gas cloud.

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