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17th of October 2023
Welcome Jane Kaczmarek
Jane Kaczmarek is returning to the Parkes Observatory as the Senior Systems Scientist and bringing her love of everything "radio telescopes" with her. Jane was first at Parkes Observatory as a post-doctoral researcher and helped to commission the (then new) Ultra-Widebandwith Low (UWL) receiver on Murriyang, the Parkes 64m Radio Telescope. More recently, Jane spent the past three years helping to build a new radio telescope in Canada as part of the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) Fast Radio Burst (FRB; CHIME/FRB) Outriggers Project. Through both of these projects, she has become increasingly interested in the ground-breaking technologies that are driving radio astrophysical research into the future -- and she is ecstatic to be back at Parkes and looks forward to being a part of the very (radio) bright future of Murriyang!

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