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22nd of May 2023
Bologna VLBI: Life begins at 40!
A conference titled Bologna VLBI: Life begins at 40! will be held this week, celebrating the first four decades of Very Long Baseline Interferometry in Italy. Over the past few years VLBI observations have achieved outstanding milestones in fields ranging from relativistic astrophysics to fundamental physics, with the imaging of the supermassive black holes at event horizon resolution, the formation of relativistic jets following a neutron star merger, the localisation of fast radio bursts, and more. These have been the results of huge technological progress on the VLBI instrumentation (receivers, backends, correlator facilities) and of a blossoming multi-messenger landscape. The goal of this conference is to assess and discuss the present and future role of VLBI, with a focus on: VLBI capabilities in the frequency, time, and dynamic range domains; the potentials and the synergies between different VLBI arrays throughout the world; new developments in technology and methods; and the future of VLBI beyond the present decade.

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