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23rd of November 2023
FLASH busy week
FLASH -- The First Large Absorption Survey in HI -- is an AKSAP Survey Science Project. FLASH will detect and measure several hundred HI (neutral hydrogen) absorption lines -- from both intervening and associated absorbers. This will provide a unique dataset for studies of galaxy evolution as well as a new estimate of the HI mass density at intermediate redshifts. ASKAP's large spectral bandwidth (288 MHz bandwidth over the frequency range 700-1800 MHz) and wide field of view (30 square degrees) will open up a completely new parameter space for large, blind HI absorption-line surveys using background radio continuum sources. Since the detection limit for such surveys is independent of redshift, ASKAP-FLASH is allowing us to learn about the neutral gas content of galaxies in the poorly-explored redshift range 0.4 < z < 1.0, where the HI emission line is too weak to be detectable in even the deepest ASKAP surveys. This week the FLASH team is having a busy week in Marsfield (and on-line) to review progress, examine issues, and make plans for writing up results.

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