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25th of January 2023
ATNF Colloquium
An introduction to Heliophysics
Mark Cheung (CSIRO Space & Astronomy)
Abstract: Heliophysics is the study of the Sun and how it influences the space environments around the planets, other solar system bodies and the interstellar medium. The dynamical nature of the Sun’s activity drives space weather and space climate, which in turn impact the viability of life and technological infrastructure in the solar system. The Sun is also a natural laboratory for studying fundamental physical processes common to many astrophysical systems. In this talk, we present multi-wavelength observations for studying solar activity, give a primer on prominent physical processes (e.g. magnetic reconnection), and explore how CSIRO Space & Astronomy can make unique contributions to Heliophysics and space weather.

The image above illustrates that astrophysical processes on the Sun drive space weather around the Earth and other solar system bodies. (Image credit: NASA/GSFC, SDO/AIA & DSCOVR/EPIC)

As January 26th is a public holiday, the next ADAP will appear on January 27th.

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