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26th of April 2023
ATNF Colloquium
The dynamics and 3D structure of the galactic long bar
Jayender Kumar (CSIRO)
Abstract: Understanding the 3D structure and associated dynamics of the inner 4-kpc of the Milky Way is very challenging because of high obscuration at optical wavelengths and our ability to accurately measure the distance and 3D motions of sources at these distances.

In this work, we measured parallax and proper motions of three 22.2 GHz water masers, each associated with a High-Mass Star-Forming Region (HMSFR) in the first quadrant of the Milky Way. With these measurements combined with other BeSSel projects’ published and un-published parallax and proper motion measurements of maser sources associated with HMSFRs within the 4 kpc region of the Galactic centre, we present evidence that the young HMSFRs in the inner galaxy are located in the gases following ’quasi-elliptical’ orbits. These represent the first direct measurements of the dynamics of the Milky Way’s bar. (Image credit: Scientific American (https://www.scientificamerican.com/issue/sa/2020/04-01/))

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