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30th of January 2023
Welcome Dilpreet Kaur
Dilpreet Kaur joined CSIRO Space & Astronomy at the end of last year. Dilpreet received her PhD in "Tracking Interstellar Medium Towards Timing Array Millisecond Pulsars with the MWA" from Curtin University. As a CSIRO Space and Astronomy co-supervised student, her PhD was focused on studying the ISM in line of sight of millisecond pulsars using the MWA, uGMRT and Parkes radio telescopes. Before that she was awarded an M.Tech and a post graduate diploma in space and atmospheric sciences under the Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia-Pacific program affiliated to the United Nations. She was honoured with a silver medal for her excellence and securing one of the top three positions among all the 12 students from all across Asia and the Pacific. Her masters project was in optical-near IR where she studied variability in blazar OJ287 using a 1.2m optical telescope at Mt Abu, India. In her role at CSIRO, Dilpreet will be exploring some exciting practical applications of pulsars using her pulsar data analysis skills to study space weather, generating random numbers for cryptography and developing a navigation system using pulsars. She is also very passionate about communicating science through her art and public outreach. Some of her art has featured in annual departmental and international magazines such as the SKAO magazine Contact, media releases, and in ICRAR’s news item.

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