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18th of April 2024
An ASKAP image from the standard pipeline processing of a field containing the galaxy Hydra A, showing significant imaging artefacts around the bright radio source.
ASKAP Update for April
The ASKAP Update for March includes reports on the status of survey operations, a new round of Guest Science Projects, the first RACS-high data release, GASKAP-HI parameter space exploration, and the recent ATUC open session. The first set of Rapid ASKAP Continuum Survey high-frequency (RACS-high) observations have been released on CASDA for general-purpose use. Roughly one-third of RACS-high has been processed so far and further deposits will be made as the processing progresses. It is planned to have all three RACS frequency bands available in full within a few months. As an Observatory Project, RACS is available to everyone and is currently the best wide-area survey at radio frequencies between 700--1800 MHz.

The image above is from the standard pipeline processing of an EMU field containing the radio galaxy Hydra A. As is apparent, the presence of a very bright radio source in the field results in significant imaging artefacts around it. Efforts are continuing to determine the best way of improving the dynamic range and minimising artefacts in such fields. (Image credit: Emil Lenc)

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