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19th of April 2024
Engineers working on the test installation of BIGCAT hardware in the turret of an ATCA antenna.
BIGCAT testing at the ATCA
BIGCAT is the Broadband Integrated GPU Correlator for ATca, a LIEF (Australian Research Council Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities) funded replacement of the existing CABB digitisers and correlator with a hybrid FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) backend. Dubbed a brain transplant for the ATCA, BIGCAT will offer greater flexibility and reliability than CABB, and will provide wider observing bandwidths resulting in greater sensitivity. Last week saw a team Marsfield visit Narrabri to install a test BIGCAT RF (radio frequency) system on two antennas. The installation went smoothly and the DiFX software correlator used to find interferometric fringes between the two antennas. The image above shows engineers working on the test installation in the turret of an ATCA antenna. (Image credit: Chris Phillips)

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