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21st of March 2024
A plot ASKAP visibility amplitudes as a function of time, around the time of the 60,000th scheduling block.
ASKAP Update for March
by Aidan Hotan
The ASKAP Update for March reports on progress with survey science, the status of CASDA (the CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive), testing of new imager features, and various options being considered as part of ASKAP upgrade planning. With ASKAP operating continuously in full survey mode, scheduling block IDs (SBIDs) are being consumed at the rate of about 10,000 per year. This includes calibration, system checks and other operations-related blocks as well as science observations. On the 13th of March, the 60,000th SBID was assigned to a FLASH observation. The figure above shows ASKAP visibility amplitudes colour-coded by baseline length (red shortest, blue longest) around the time of the 60,000th scheduling block. (The final observations at the right hand side of the figure, SBIDs 60,009 and 60,010, were VAST survey observations of fields near the Galactic Plane, which has a lot of bright radio emission on the short baselines.) (Image credit: Vanessa Moss)

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