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24th of April 2024
The colloquium flyer for a presentation describing the rapid prototyping tool PREESM.
ATNF Colloquium
Design and programming of heterogeneous and high-performance computing systems in astronomy
Ophelie Renaud (INSA-IETR, France)
In this presentation, I address the difficult problem inherent in SKA of deploying complex astronomical applications under development on efficient target architectures that have not yet been built. Resource allocation in such scenarios has a significant impact on multiple factors such as latency, memory, energy, and cost among others. Solutions such as rapid prototyping make it possible to reliably simulate and generate efficient code for this purpose. At INSA-IETR, we are developing the PREESM rapid prototyping tool to automate and accelerate this process. The tool is based on numerous thesis and internship projects as well as numerous collaborations such as Rising Stars, which is the subject of my presentation. This presentation will give an overview of the project's progress in our team. I propose methods based on the SDF (Synchronous Dataflow) model and clustering techniques to facilitate the deployment of applications on complex architectures such as CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs on one or more machines. By providing a quick and easy solution to this NP-hard problem, our methods significantly improve the efficiency of astronomical application deployment.

As tomorrow is the ANZAC Day national holiday in Australia, the next ADAP will be Friday April 26th.

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