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24th of January 2024
ATNF Colloquium
Time Domain Astronomy with Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam and A Serendipitously Discovered Active Galactic Nucleus with Large Brightness Decline
Tomoki Morokuma
Abstract: Time Domain Astronomy has been getting popular especially in optical astronomy, mainly using wide-field imaging instruments. Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) on the 8.2-m Subaru telescope currently has the best survey capability in terms of survey speed. We have been conducting transient surveys with Subaru/HSC in various time scales from minutes to years since its first light in 2014. I will summarize several main results from our transient surveys. In the latter part of my talk, I focus on one distant active galactic nucleus (AGN) showing a very large decline in brightness over 20 years. This object is interpreted as a rare phenomena in an AGN where its accretion activity has been almost shut down.

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