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29th of January 2024
An image of the sky showing the noise level in each of the observed Rapid ASKAP Continuum Survey fields
ASKAP Update for January
The ASKAP Update for January reports on activities during the holidays, our current status, plans to resume full survey operations, and considerations being given to how ASKAP might be used to study space weather. Over the Christmas/New Year period, ASKAP’s operating modes and survey pool were limited to maximise reliability. The focus was on observing a full-sky epoch of RACS-low using a different beam "footprint" (in order to match RACS-mid and RACS-high), and maintaining the observing cadence required to meet VAST’s science goals. Successful observations were able to be carried out at an observing efficiency of 94.8% over the full shutdown period. The image above shows the RACS-low3 noise map as of January 18th, with a median RMS of 172 micro-jansky per beam for the region processed. For comparison, RACS-low2 (in 2022) had a median RMS of 184 μJy/beam and RACS-low1 (in 2020) had a median RMS of 230 μJy/beam. Particular fields with high noise levels are associated with the presence of bright, extended sources.

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