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ATNF variant of AIPS

Between 1986 and 1999, ATNF maintained its own variant of AIPS.

This variant contained many enhancements and fixes needed to allow AIPS to be used with observations obtained at the ATCA interferometer. This version was exported to about 13 sites in Australia and overseas.

Today (2006), many of those enhancements have been merged into the NRAO version, or are no longer necessary. The only things you need to process ATCA data with NRAO AIPS are:

  • an extra AIPS task (ATLOD) for loading the RPFITS data format produced by ATNF correlators.
    Download ATLOD

    ATLOD depends on two further libraries:

  • the ATELIB library, for (u,v,w) coordinate calculations applied to (old) LBA data.
    Download ATELIB
  • the SLALIB library for astronomical coordinate conversions (calls are made by ATELIB).
    Download SLALIB.

The ATNF version of AIPS is no longer supported. We recommend you upgrade to the most recent NRAO version and install the ATLOD task.

For posterity, the last set of ATNF patches to AIPS are here

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